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Cameron Prince - Prince Services LLC

Prince Services LLC's official start date is November 1, 2005. We began with a passion to build and maintain a professional Internet business with the sole desire of assisting other businesses of all sizes, both young and old, with the advantages that can be tapped into with the power of the Internet.

Prince Services LLC is owned by Cameron B. Prince. Cameron is the President of the business and also has the responsibility of Technical Director.

Cameron began acquiring his technical skills with electronics as a child and into his teenage years. He has designed and built many electronic devices and is a skilled technician. Cameron attended three years of electronics training in High School and worked with the Basic programming language on the TRS-80, Commodore VIC-20 and Commodore 64 as a child and also in high school.

Following high school, Cameron began his professional career in electronics with employment at the following companies:

Mock Electronics
1989-1990 - Decatur, Alabama
  • Electronic parts sales
  • Commercial & consumer electronics repair
  • Security & video installation
  • Intergraph Corporation
    1997 - Madison, Alabama
  • Advanced workstation telephone support
  • Server & network telephone support
  • Intense3D & Realizm video card support
    A-Metro Alarm
    1990-1992 - Huntsville, Alabama
  • Residential & commercial security system installation
  • Card access system installation
  • ROM & computer programming
  • Amoco Corporation (BP/Amoco)
    1997-1999 - Decatur, Alabama
  • Network administrator of 500-node network
  • Maintained LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Remote access & video conferencing systems maintainer
    Custom Audio, Inc.
    1992-1994 - Decatur, Alabama
  • Certified big screen repair for Pioneer & Sony
  • Consumer electronics warranty repair for major brands
  • Network administrator & BBS sysop
  • NOVA Chemicals
    1999-2000 - Decatur, Alabama
  • Network administrator of 100-node network
  • Maintain LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Plant telephone, remote access & video conf. maintainer
    O.E.C.A. (Ozark Electronics)
    1994-1995 - Cullman, Alabama
  • Supervisor of car stereo repair team
  • High-volume consumer electronics warranty repair
  • Warranty repair of computers for high-volume retail chain
  • Akopia, Inc. - Red Hat, Inc.
    2000-2002 - Reston, Virginia
  • Design & support of high-profile, dynamic websites
  • Red Hat Enterprise Hosting Solutions manager
  • Interchange e-Commerce certification trainer
    Co-Pro, Inc.
    1995-1997 - Decatur, Alabama
  • On-site computer repair technician
  • Network design & implementation
  • Workstation & software support
  • Kottmann, Inc.
    2002-Present - Huntsville, AL
  • Design & maintenance of military websites
  • Maintain LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Perl, PHP, Javascript, SQL programming services
    During this time, Cameron has obtained numerous electronics, computer repair, programming and network-related certifications.

    While Cameron has been working as an employee for the above mentioned companies, he has also been affiliated with many other companies as a contractor. Cameron was a partner with Jim Couey in his first Internet related business, Alabama Network Service.

    Alabama Network Service began in 1995 with Cameron and Jimmy's vision to be a leading local Internet Service Provider. Ala-Net, as it was affectionately known, offered personal and commercial Internet access and web hosting services. Ala-Net also partnered with paging company Dial-Page to offer the first E-Mail to Pager service in North Alabama.

    Although the goal of the business was to provide connectivity to the Internet, the need for web design was also high in demand. Cameron spun off a business he called Phoenix Graphics. Phoenix Graphics built numerous websites for several companies across the country.

    Cameron left Ala-Net in 1997 and took a break from the side business to polish his Internet skills by learning several new Internet technologies. Cameron worked for a local cutting-edge company to build one of the Internet's most advanced e-Commerce systems for the time.

    In early 2000, Cameron formed his next company, Internet Experts LLC. The success of this company was quickly noticed by the up and coming e-Commerce company Akopia, Inc. Cameron accepted a position with them on the condition that he would close his business, which he did in August of 2000. In early 2001, Akopia, Inc. was acquired by Red Hat, Inc. Cameron quickly made his way through the ranks to become the manager of the e-Business Solutions Group's hosting division.

    Although certainly a success, Red Hat decided in early 2002 that e-Commerce was too far from their core business and began taking steps to dissolve this portion of their company. Cameron accepted a severance package from Red Hat in late 2002 and was the last remaining e-Commerce employee to leave.

    For the next two years, Cameron worked solely for Kottmann, Inc. as a programmer and LAN/WAN administrator. He enjoys this position and has a great relationship with the Kottmann president, Tony Johnson. Cameron's continuing desire to have his own company prompted him to form Prince Services LLC, and he now works for both companies and shares some projects between the two.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have additional questions about the history of our company.
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