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  Prince Services LLC maintains data centers and servers in three separate locations, each of which have their own dedicated backbone connections to the Internet. The strategy here is to have a contingency plan for all possible problems and situations. Our data centers synchronize on a regular schedule, and should one go offline, all traffic is diverted to the back-up location. Our goal is 99.5% up-time, and we have an excellent track record.

We maintain multiple Intel Pentium based servers with redundancy features such as RAID, hot swap disk drives and dual power supplies. Our servers are protected from power outage by high-performance UPS systems with back-up generators to keep them online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The servers, and the software running on them, are proactively monitored at all times and in most cases, we solve problems before our clients are even aware of them.

Our servers run the GNU Linux operating system and more specifically, Fedora (Red Hat) Linux. Prince Services LLC has experience with many different platforms for Internet servers and through our experience, Linux is the operating system of choice for our purposes.

Utilizing Linux also allows us to keep our overhead costs to a minimum, as it is a freely available software package. But don't let Linux's free status fool you. Linux is a very robust operating system that easily rivals and usually wins over Microsoft products in Internet environments.

Running Linux has advantages when dealing with security issues as well. Other platforms don't provide access to valuable source code which lets you fix problems yourself rather than waiting on a vendor for a fix.

Prince Services LLC has been affiliated with Linux and Internet connection providers for a number of years, beginning with our first Internet business, Alabama Network Service, which we began in 1995. See our History Page for more information.
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